Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recovery Dating Online

Yes-there are dating sites with one little area to check that says “I don’t drink”. But who is going to come right out and say “I’m an alcoholic” or “I’m a recovering drug addict” or even “I’m ok now, but in the past I’ve had (“fill in the blank”) issues” on all those other sites? -Well, the answer is NOT MANY. In fact, for millions in Recovery or entering Recovery, the question is “When do I tell HIM or HER about my past problem and how will they take it?”

On people don’t have to be afraid to be THEMSELVES! People can meet as on other dating sites, but because RecoveryMatchfor2 is specialized, they may form relationships which empower them to not only stay on the path of Recovery – RMF2 hopes to help them find their Match!

People in Recovery no longer have to be afraid to be themselves! They can meet others like themselves –who are those that most understand them and finally find the lifelong support they have been looking for. People are looking for belonging and togetherness in these tough times. For the millions in Recovery, is THE on line place to be for dating, help, discussions, forums and related information.