Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Grand Illusion

Each one of us lives an illusion of life. Deep inside us dwells a person that is real and alive, but far removed. We may sense that person, but few others truly see the person we are deep within.

After you peel away the layers of personality cover-ups; the layers of walls and shields we all project; you may find a quivering, frightened human being, desperately trying to feel needed, and seeking his or her place in the greater reality.

Who are we really? I mean, really? deep inside? Peel away the layers of religion and beliefs; peel away the delusions we operate under; peel away the face we show to the world, and for many--if not most--what we have left is the pain of who we really are; the pain of not knowing the true reality; the pain of dreams unfulfilled; a feeling, perhaps, of no belonging.

We try so desperately to fit in; so desperately to show a face of confidence in our surroundings and ourselves. But could it be that each one of us is really just a frightened child? What happened to our dreams? our hopes for the future? What happened to our innocence? to what we wanted to become? Somehow, when we were born as adults, we died as children. No longer do we fantasize about our hopes and dreams for the future; of what we were going to be and do. The concept of "what could be," passed away. Indeed, for some, perhaps there was no true childhood at all.

Somehow, we got sucked into this giant swirling vortex that robs us of our most precious possession--our humanity; our humanity--with all the wonderful plans; all the wonderful innocence; the pure and noble. Most of us live deep within a self-imposed illusion of life; growing up and adapting to what is socially and culturally acceptable in society. And in so doing, we quickly enmesh ourselves in the enslaving constraints of life, job/career, and financial obligations. Moreover, these are like a ball and chain that we drag around for decades (or life), never realizing all we could be.

All that we had once hoped and dreamed is now discounted as childhood fantasy. Instead, we live the life of illusion. Humanity has lost itself.

But why? Who decided that we should live lives of quiet desperation? We did. Society did. Humanity did.

But there is one hope; one glorious sparkle of redemption: As adults and human beings, we have the magnificent gift of Free Will; the choice to accept personal responsibility for where we are at right now and where we are going next…or not accept it; the choice to change and grow within, which in turn changes our life, which in turn, changes our world. (For more on personal responsibility, see the article, "Wisdom in the Mirror" at www.dougkelley.com/articles/wisdom.htm).

If you are just beginning to make your way into the world as a young adult, then choose your future wisely—now, before you find yourself unwittingly encumbered by circumstances that you did not actively design and intend.

On the other hand, what if you find yourself in a life-situation or circumstance that is holding you back from realizing your dreams? First, answer the "Why?" question: What decisions, mindsets, or behaviors got you to this place in life? Educate yourself on these, and then correct them. Next, explore all possible solutions that will result in forward momentum.

Of course, you must act responsibly in your endeavors, not casting aside moral commitments, such as family obligations. To be certain, any noble work results in a win-win outcome, even if it is painful to accept. Apart from this, do what you must to realize your potential!

When we begin to make forward movement toward our dreams, our long-held and closely guarded Grand Illusion of Life then evaporates, revealing the Grand Reality of Life--our life! Then we find meaning, belonging, and fulfillment--not in an illusion--but in the limitless possibilities of "what could be."

So, how about it? What's your choice? Remember: It is never too late to find yourself and be all that you wanted!

Source: http://www.enhancedhealing.com