Monday, March 17, 2008

Alcoholism Self-Help

Alcoholism self help

Addiction basically means to get immune of some thing, some thing with out which a person does not get satisfied and he needs that element of addiction at every time of his life. Addiction can fall in to many categories, it could be for drugs, which may include medicines, cocaine, or it could be for television, sleep, travel, eating, or drinking.

When use of anything exceeds more then your needs and when a person would want to reduce the need of that addicted thing, this becomes very difficult. That is why it is known as addiction.
In case of alcoholism, it has a lot of disadvantages, which are physical and psychological.

Alcoholism makes a person alcohol dependant and for which there might be reasons like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and at the same time all these reasons become the consequences for the addict. There are several rehabs for these kind of people so that they can get rid of these drinking problems, but the problems lies in the fact that the body of that particular person gets so much addicted to the percentage of alcohol that he can not stop his habits of drinking.

As the self help is the only concept which makes a person successful in every regards of life, weather is its money related, happiness involved or any other thing. In the similar manner self help can serve as the cure for this problem.

Any person who is an alcohol addict or alcoholic, he himself will be held responsible for being in that position, because this is a free world, where a person can do what ever he wants to, so if a person had reach to a point where he can not stop his habits which are harmful for him, there must be a definite start to all those habits, which for sure is initiated by man himself, on the basis of self help.

People start using alcohol, they enjoy it , they try it every day, and then there comes a day in there life when they realize that there is no way out without this, tough there are rehabs present to make people get rid of their addiction. But when a body gets addicted to certain percentage of alcohol, it becomes very difficult, even for rehab programs to bring that person back on track, unless the person himself have the courage to do so. So in this matter the concept of self help would be the only thing which could help that person out, as it has helped the man ever since.