Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Recovery Place Treatment Center

The Recovery Place avoids generic treatment plans with great success
One size fits all? Absolutely not. Especially not when it comes to overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

Successful drug and alcohol recovery requires a therapeutic and compassionate approach that includes all aspects of the addict or alcoholic seeking help: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and that of being an active participant in life. Humans are unique in so many ways; it is unreasonable to think that a single, homogenized treatment plan would lead to recovery for anyone.
The Recovery Place’s most successful principle of care is treating patients as individuals, with dynamic and different needs.

Every person has a complicated history. For this reason, the patient and their loved ones are included from the start of the treatment planning phase at The Recovery Place. Patients may be entering rehab for the first time, or are trying again after falling back into an addiction lifestyle.
At The Recovery Place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, patients and families enter a program that seems to fit their general needs, and then individualized therapy makes the programs tailor-made. Each care plan is specific to the person it is designed for, no exceptions.

General programs include Traditional Addictions, Dual Diagnosis, Family Programming, Trauma, and a Christian Addiction Program. Group and individual therapies, as well as addiction education, are integrated into every program. Medical management is also included.

Patients at The Recovery Place have several options on how intensively therapy should be approached, including 24 hour residential care in our sober living housing. This is an excellent option for those who are resistant to treatment or who live far away from The Recovery place, and may need the availability and support of staff at all hours.

The ability to spend time after hours in the home-like setting of our sober-living apartments, gives our patients ample opportunities to share experiences and struggles with others who are attending our programs. There are also quiet garden benches to sit upon and reflect, and a pool and BBQ where you can practice the simple enjoyments of daily life, without the specter of drugs or alcohol being present.

For those who have a healthy family situation and are located close to The Recovery Place, we offer both intensive and graduated outpatient programs. For patients who have progressed successfully through the intensive inpatient program, assistance can be provided to help them remain in the area so that they can continue receiving support as an outpatient.

Staying only within the boundaries of The Recovery Place isn’t part of the overall treatment plan. As our clients learn new coping and life skills, they need a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and ocean that are part of the Ft. Lauderdale area. There are great opportunities here just to enjoy feeling good again, without the artificial aid of drugs or alcohol. The beach, local churches and other spiritual support activities, parks and sports activities are encouraged. This is another important way that The Recovery Place team fosters each person as a unique individual, with interests and talents that are suddenly being enjoyed again as rehab progresses.

Distance isn’t an issue when family members need to be included in the rehab process. The Recovery Place clinical and support staff have on-site family programs, as well as utilizing the internet and telephone for those who live far away from the treatment center.

No patient leaves The Recovery Place without a solid relapse prevention plan in place. Aftercare is also ongoing, depending on the needs of the person and their family.

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab center that honestly and openly sees you, your loved one, or your client as a flawed-but-unique-and-worthwhile-person, then call The Recovery Place. You aren’t just “another addict” to us. We can help.