Monday, April 28, 2008


Residential treatment centers usually offer a multi-faceted approach in assisting clients in their recovery from active addiction. The therapeutic and structured environments found in residential treatment centers can facilitate the important first stages of detoxification and withdrawal, setting the stage for a cleared mind to be able to absorb new ideas and concepts in healthy living, relapse prevention, behavioral changes, etc...

Depending upon your insurance coverage, many of the centers in the mid and high range may become affordable. You can contact the customer service department at your insurance company and check your covered benefits. In-network benefits can be as high as 80 - 100%, out of network benefits are often 50%.
Although each residential treatment center operates under different philosophies, certain general approaches are likely to be found in most. Among those are:

* Detoxification
* Drug and alcohol education
* Relapse prevention
* Family program
* Individual and group counseling
* Twelve-step recovery
* Anger Management
* Dual Diagnosis Education
* Self Harm Reduction
* Community Re-Integration

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